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College of Arts & Sciences
Confucius Institute

“Understanding China” Fellowship

“Understanding China” Chinese Visiting Scholar

1) Purpose and Eligibility

This program serves to support Chinese senior scholars to give credit courses on Chinese economics, business, finance, law, and culture etc. in foreign universities; scholars shall give lectures at Confucius Institutes in the host country or neighboring countries.

2) Duration

From 6 to 12 months. The duration could be extended at the request of the host country and the evaluation of performance accordingly.

3) Application materials

• Application form;

• Specifications of the credit courses.

4) How to apply

Applicants shall log in on, download and fill in the application form, sign it before scanning it and sending it to, and then post the application forms and other supporting documents required (both Chinese and English versions) in one packet to the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

• The Headquarters shall select applicants from the candidates’ pool or recruit new candidates at request.

• Scholars will be dispatched upon the approval of both Confucius Institute and the Chinese university.

5) Funding

•Scholars will be paid according to the standard of Government-sponsored teachers;

• Extra research grant will be given to the scholar when needed.