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College of Arts & Sciences
Confucius Institute

Chinese Winter Camp

Chinese Winter Camp for USC Students is an annual Chinese language and culture experiencing activity sponsored by Hanban with the cooperation of the USC Confucius Institute , the USC Study Abroad Office and the University of Beijing Language & Culture University. The program aims at offering students personal experience with Chinese language and culture, and stimulating their passion for learning Chinese.

The winter camp is about a 10 days trip setting out right after Christmas to Beijing and Shanghai. Participants not only take intensive language course there, but also have the opportunity to try culture classes (such as paper cutting, calligraphy, ink and wash painting, tea ceremony, and martial arts etc.). In addition, tours to the most famous scenic places in the two cities such as the Great Wall, Fobidden City and Shanghai Financial hub are also covered in the itinerary. USC students could get 2-3 transfered credits(depends on your major/program) after they complete the winter camp.

The registration usually begins in August or September, and the deadline is October 1st. Potential applicant has to submit application to both the USC Confucius Institute and the USC study Abroad Office. As the winter camp only has a limited space for 20 members, we stop receiving application once we recruit enough participants.

Students are responsible for their own international airfare, passport & visa and international medical insurance. Hanban covers most costs (lodging, transportation, and group activities) within China.
Please note that the Confucius Institute charges $150 non-refundable registration fee for the application process.