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College of Arts & Sciences
Confucius Institute

Confucius Classroom of East Point Academy

East Point Academy is the first Chinese immersion school in South Carolina. September 12, 2011, East Point Academy officially opened for business. East Point Academy started with pre-K, K to 2nd grade education in the first year of its establishment and plans to add one more grade every year with the goal of providing full K-12 education in the near future. It is well received by local community and over 100 students applied for admission in fall 2011. Within years, East Point Academy developed at a fast speed. It had 470 students across eight grades in fall 2014. 90% of the students are non-Chinese origins. At East Point Academy, Chinese is not only taught as a foreign language, but also used as instructional language together with English in other courses like Math, Science, Music and Art. With the support from the CI at USC and Beijing Language and Culture University, volunteer Chinese teachers from Beijing Language and Culture University provide free teaching service to EPA on an annual basis. In spring 2015, as many as 9 volunteer Chinese teachers are working in EPA.