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Confucius Institute at University of South Carolina Hosted “Chinese Cooking Night”

More than 50 first-year students who take Chinese courses at USC were invited to participate in the activity.

Confucius Institute at the University of South CarolinaCI at USC hosted a “Chinese Cooking Night” at Maxcy college on the evening of April 12 to create a chance for Chinese learners to understand traditional Chinese culture and ignite their passion for Chinese learning. More than 50 first-year students who take Chinese courses at USC were invited to participate in the activity. They were so lost in dumpling making and had hands-on experience after watching the demo. They were happy to dive in the unique charm of traditional Chinese cuisine.

Students arrived at the kitchen area of Maxcy college early in the evening despite of the rain. They started to discuss with each other enthusiastically as the dumpling filling and dough on the table inspired their curiosities and excitement for Chinese food. Having extended greetings at 5 p.m., Yue Li, the deputy director of CI at USC briefly introduced the ingredients and cooking methods of dumplings as well as the Chinese custom of eating dumplings. She then went on demonstrating in person how to roll the dough into pieces and make dumplings with the dumpling wrappers and filling prepared. Subsequently, students were divided into three groups to experience dumplings making led by Chinese teachers. Some students were at a loss with soft dumpling wrappers in hand at first. Others made creative dumplings of different shapes. Finally, everyone was proud of showing his "works of dumpling" to others with excitement. Many students said learning to make dumplings was like learning Chinese the way nonproficiency eventually transformed into proficiency through practice.


To enable students of different religious customs and eating habits to participate in the event, the most typical Chinese dishes of different flavors, such as Kung-pao Chicken, Spicy Tofu, Sweet and Sour Fish Slices, Vegetarian Spring Rolls were served as well. Everyone thumbed up by saying “it tastes great!” while sampling these delicious Chinese foods. The event went to the climax with the students performing dances to a beautiful tune of a Chinese song, “the Most Dazzling National Style" and everyone immersed in a deep atmosphere of joy.

As a special event for the Confucius Institute Open Day this year, “Chinese Cooking Night” offered a chance for the students at USC to dive the charm of traditional Chinese cuisine and Chinses culture, which contributed to the promotion of the teacher-student interaction.