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Confucius Institute at USC Co-organized the Ninth "Palmetto Chinese Star" Competition and Katie Rose Dionne from USC won the "Palmetto Chinese Star"

On February 24th, The Ninth "Palmetto Chinese Star" Competition in South Carolina was held in the Edmond concert hall of Presbyterian College. The Chinese competition attracted students from twelve schools, colleges and universities. 57 contestants from these schools participated in the competition, and as all schools involved paid close attention to the event, the students all made complete and detailed preparations.

This Competition was organized by the cooperation of Confucius Institute at USC and Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College. The Purpose of this event was to provide a platform for Chinese learners and supporters to show their accomplishments in studying the Chinese language. It also served as a qualifier for the 17th "Chinese bridge"  Chinese Proficiency Competition.

The competition was divided into two sections -- the elementary and secondary school section and the college section. Both sections included a scoring on language proficiency and one on artistic performances.

Most of the contestants in the younger section chose storytelling, recitation of poems, verses and articles for the language mastery scoring, and chose singing, dancing, and calligraphy as their artistic performance.

The college section was comparatively much more complex. Many participants chose to give lectures on their own studies, ideas or dreams rather than recitation of famous articles, and their performances also had a great variety of differences.

Performances in both sections were well prepared and many won rounds of applause from the audience. Sometimes the performances were so good that the judges had trouble deciding which was better.

After an exciting day of contests, Emily Knapp from East Point Academy Confucius Classroom stood out within her peers and won the "Palmetto Future Star" with a musical recitation of "Goodbye Cambridge" and a beautiful show of Chinese fan dance. In the adult contest, Katie Rose Dionne from Confucius Institute at USC won the Grand Prize ---- "Palmetto Chinese Star". With Chinese as fluent and accurate as a person in China, Katie described her discoveries and ideas during her one year stay in Beijing. She also expressed her aspirations to continue progressing and change the world. As champion of the "Palmetto Chinese Star" competition, she will soon participate in the Overseas Preliminary Rounds that takes place in Washington D.C. The 17th "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition will gave her higher challenges and hopefully get her closer to realizing her goals.

The "Palmetto Chinese Star" has already been organized nine times, each time better than the last. Many Chinese learners have been attracted to the event, and more had their interest aroused in improving themselves in Chinese language proficiency. It can also be said that these competitions provided a platform for them to widen their perspective and understand their goals better. The high scores received by students from the Confucius Institute at USC and its affiliated Confucius Classroom proved the efforts of CI at USC and emphasized its accomplishments.