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Confucius Institute at USC Join Hands with Chinese in Columbia Celebrating the Year of the Dog

On the night of February 10th, 2018, many people gathered together to celebrate the New Year at River Bluff High School in Columbia, South Carolina. The event was co-organized by three parties -- the Confucius Institute at USC, the Columbia Chinese Society, and the USC students and scholar league. Not only were Chinese in local areas enthusiastic about attending the event, but many other friendly Americans also took part in the celebration. In all, more than five hundred people took part in activities of the "Year of the Dog" celebration.

As was custom of any Chinese New Year Celebrations, big red Chinese lanterns and Chinese knots decorated the place, producing an atmosphere of excitement and happiness. Many guests chose to wear classical Chinese style clothes to fully enjoy the Chinese festival. The organizers of the event prepared many performances on traditional Chinese culture including dancing, children's rhymes, Tang dynasty poetry recitations, "Three sentence and a half" style talk show, Chinese Kungfu series performance, and Beijing Opera. All the shows helped warm up the already happy atmosphere and everyone was able to enjoy their favorite shows.

The most impressive performances were unexpectedly provided by the East Point Academy, Elementary School sector, rather than the grown-up parties. However, taking into consideration the close connection between students of Confucius Classrooms and Chinese culture, this is hardly surprising. For the last eight years the East Point Academy Confucius Classroom was completely dedicated to building a Chinese total immersion environment, and now it's obviously a tremendous success. When the audience saw the little performers wearing traditional Chinese outfits, doing Chinese style dances, and singing Chinese songs, they were all thoroughly impressed and gave rounds after rounds of applause.

It should be mentioned that many parents and guardians of the young performers are also present at the shows, and they are quite proud of their children's achievements.

The students of East Point Academy are given unique advantages in their Chinese immersion environment. This year the school already has fresh plans for many local Chinese events, and the seventh graders are planning a tour to China in March of this year.

All members of Confucius Institute at USC, led by director Tan Ye, took part in the celebration event. Over all, the celebration event was a success. It has deepened the impression of Chinese culture on its participants, making Confucius Institute more popular in local areas, and has expanded the number of people interested in Chinese culture.