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Confucius Institute at USC Was Invited to Michelin’s Chinese New Year Celebration

On February 16th, members of Confucius Institute at UofSC attended the Chinese New Year Celebration Event organized by Michelin North America Headquarters. Confucius Institute at USC attended the event with enthusiasm and presented beautiful, authentic performances of traditional Chinese culture.

Michelin is a well-know and very influential figure in the automobile tires industry. At present, its business has already expanded and taken root in all continents save Antarctica. Michelin has always gone by the principal of recognizing and accepting different cultures during its development. As it happens, February 16th in 2018 is a very important date in the Chinese lunar calendar. So, to show their appreciation for Chinese culture, Michelin invited the Confucius Institute to participate in their celebration event, taking place in their North American Headquarters, located in Upstate South Carolina. For Michelin, it is a good opportunity to introduce its employees to Chinese culture and ultimately to understand China better. For Confucius Institute, it is a great chance to expand the influence of Chinese culture and clarify possible biased views people may have on China.

The celebration venue was decorated in Chinese style for the event. The Chinese letters were pasted on the walls, the red Chinese lanterns hanging on the ceilings, fine porcelain wares and Chinese folding fans are all present as would a typical Chinese celebration. Confucius Institute supplied many of the decorations, especially the stuffed dog toys. Since the Chinese zodiac for year 2018 is the Dog, the stuffed dogs are a symbol of fortune, good health, and happiness.

The celebration event started in the delightful Chinese music on Spring Festival and dancing performances. A group of drumming dancers, sponsored by Confucius Institute at USC began their show of drum dancing "Happy Days". The dancers are locals interested in Chinese culture, and it is because of their enthusiasm that the performance quickly generated a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere. Then followed a show of Chinese Kungfu moves. Yi Tang, a faculty member of Confucius Institute, was the main performer of the TaiChi moves. The audience were thoroughly impressed with the fluent way in which he moved and the balance of strength and flexibility within Kungfu he displayed. There are also introductions of different ways Chinese celebrate the new year and an activity that offered to write names in Chinese calligraphy. The participants of the events are thrilled to get their own names written in Chinese calligraphy. The event lasted for a long time and by the end, everyone was satisfied with the celebration.

It can be concluded easily that the event was a total success. Michelin workers enjoyed the event and was able to acquire more knowledge on Chinese culture, while Confucius Institute at USC increased its renown among Americans and paved the way for future cooperation. In conclusion, The event was greatly beneficial to both parties and more events like such should be organized in the future.