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Famous Tibetan Director Pema Tseden Visits the University of South Carolina

A Chinese film screening and dialogue with the director were held in Gambrell Hall last Saturday. Pema Tseden, the famous Tibetan director, the winner of the Best Screenplay Award in the Horizon competition of the 75th Venice Film Festival visited USC and interacted with the audience on the afternoon of Sept 29, 2018.

The event began with the speech delivered by Professor Li Yue, the Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at USC at 2:30 pm. She first extended thanks to the guests for coming to the event and the ones who gave great support to the Confucius Institute. She said the Confucius Institute would continue sparing no effort to create more opportunities for local people to understand China’s multi-ethnic and diverse culture. After that, the work Tharlo directed by Pema Tseden was screened. Tharlo, one of the masterpieces of Pema Tseden won the best adaptation of the “2015 Taiwan Golden Horse Awards”, “2016 China Independent Image Exhibition Highest Award – Best Film of the Year” and “the 2017 Chinese Golden Rooster Award”, an important award for Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award - Best Small and Medium Cost Story. In addition, the film was also nominated for the “2015 Venice Film Festival Horizon Competition Unit Award”, “the 2015 Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award” for Best Drama, Best Director, Best Photography, and “the 2017 China Film Golden Rooster Award for Good Photography Nominations”, etc. Prof. Tan Ye, the Director of the Confucius Institute at USC and Pema Tseden then jointly shared the podium and pushed the atmosphere of the event to a climax with the live interactive session. The guests had a lively interaction with director Pema Tseden on what interested them, the director's arrival, and the theme of the film, the handling of the details of the film, the cultural core of the film and how the director viewed himself and the position of Tibetan film in the entire Chinese film industry and even the world film stage. Many of the audience stayed inside the hall and kept asking questions and communicating with Director Pema Tseden even when the event was almost over. They also expressed their gratitude to the Confucius Institute at USC and thanked the Confucius Institute for providing them with such a meaningful activity, an opportunity of understanding Tibetan movies and Tibetan culture. A deeper understanding of China’s Tibetan cultural heritage, social changes, and the simple and kind national character of the Tibetans may root in the local American’s mind through this activity.

Pema Tseden’s American film screening tour was organized by Confucius Institute at USC in collaboration with the Confucius Institute US center in Washington; the Middle Tennessee University; University of North Carolina; Kennesaw State University; Emory University; and Georgia State University. Beginning on September 20, 2018, Pema’s film screening tour will come to an end on Oct. 12, 2018.