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Confucius Institute at USC holds the Eighth Chinese Film International Forum

Representatives from over fifty nations took part in the discussion regarding the topic "Best recent Chinese films".

From September 28th to September 30th, Confucius Institute at USC held its eighth Chinese film international forum in Columbia, South Carolina. Representatives from over fifty nations took part in the discussion regarding the topic "Best recent Chinese films". They expressed their ideas on recent new films, new film directors, and new trends of the Chinese film industry. USC vice principal Mary Anne Fitzpatrick attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. She highly praised Confucius Institute's attempts and contributions to promote USC's globalization level and enhance mutual understanding between American and Chinese cultures, especially as a Confucius Institute section that mainly focuses on Chinese films. Confucius Institute at USC attracted many locals with Chinese films and gave them a better understanding of China and its culture. She herself also benefited greatly from this.
As the chairman of the council for this forum, American associate dean of the Confucius Institute at USC gave a speech on the topic "New trends of the Chinese film industry  and the center of Chinese films at USC". He spoke about the current state of the Chinese film market and the rise of new popular film directors. He also declared that the Chinese film center at USC would continue to do its best spreading the influence of new Chinese films in the U.S.
Xuguang Chen, the director of opera, films and television center of Beijing University spoke on the topic "New Chinese film directors and 'the beauty of the film industry' ". He explained that the creation of new Chinese films prefer a balance and unity between financial gains and artistic properties, raising discussion between the representatives. Professor Chong Zhang of Beijing University of Cinema analyzed the quick raise of a new, younger generation of film directors. He think an important reason for their success is their courage to bring innovative ideas into reality, therefore bringing new, fresh prospective to this industry. Professor Yajun Wu, director of the College of Films and Television at Chinese Theatre University, recommended four outstanding short films with typical features of recent trends. The unique way of narration, perspective, and way of picturing events all left the audience deeply impressed, revealing a the comparatively broader view for future film directors.
The representatives of the meeting also engaged in a deep discussion over various styles and director ideas in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, projecting future insights for the developing trend of the Chinese film industry.
This Film Forum received presents from a raising new Chinese film director, Caidan Wanma. He donated three films to the forum--"Searching for Gengden Zhimei", "Old Dog", and "Taluo". These films focused on conflicts of tradition and a developing society. The ideas the films wish to express is more than just Ethnics , but rather on a broader, more international level.
In conclusion, this film forum set out from several perspectives like new film directors, modern Chinese film industry trends and the raise of micro-films, bringing people's attention on new stars of the Chinese Film Industry. It also set a platform for experts and scholars of those subjects from America and China to exchange their ideas and values on artistic and academic levels.
Overall this film forum successfully the influence of Chinese films and promoted its spread across the globe.